Guido Aaldering started as an arable farmer with both feet on the ground. Or often, because of the Dutch climate, with both feet in the mud. He converted his farm to organic in 1993. At the same time he started sorting his own onions. This was done on the farm in the barns that were completely deviced for this task. In 2005 the farmland was sold and we fully focused our attention on sorting and packing. In 2010 our new warehouse was built and put into use. Since then we can meet quality standards much easier. From a logistic point of view we also made a huge step forward. Right now we can say: we are ready for the future.  

What we can do for you

We can provide an independent and comprehensive overview of the market situation as a whole. Looking for organic onions? We can help you by informing you on qualities and quantities and names of growers and trading partners.

If you are an organic grower we can receive your product straight form the field, take care of the process of drying, storage drying and packaging. We are able to pack your product exactly according to the demands of any customer.

We make independent quality reports of each sample of onions, any delivery or freight. Throughout the treatment process gross tare reporting is done and we provide you of course with sorting- and delivery overviews on demand. Dou you have a product that is poor in quality and that threatens to go get lost, contact us and perhaps we can help you to save it.

Our vision

It’s a conscious choice for “Aaldering Bio-Ui” only to process organically grown onions. The risk of mixing up with conventionally grown onions is therefore excluded, as well as the risk of pesticide residues. Organic production represents a responsible way to deal with people, product and environment. We see this as a form of corporate social responsibility (CSR). We aim at the triple P-approach: economic performance (profit), respect for social aspects (people), within ecological constraints (planet).

Across the globe

At times when Dutch product is not available we process organic product imported from countries like Argentina and Egypt. To Guido this is not just an anonymous product. A couple of years ago he visited some of these countries to watch with his own eyes how these onions are grown and processed locally.




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